10+ Free Mobile Tracker Features

10+ Free Mobile Tracker Features

Do you want to enhance your tracking experience? If yes, you need to use a tracking app with multiple features. This way, you don’t have to use different individual apps. You will get all the tracking features on one platform.

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Here you can use 10+ free tracking features. You can use this app to spy on different types of phones. This app is compatible with all the latest smartphones.

This app provides you 10+ Mobile Tracker Free features. You can use all these features for free without getting caught. All these ten features function secretly with this app.

If you want to know more about free phone tracking features, we can help you.

Today, in this article, we will explain to you about 10+ free mobile tracking features.

Take your tracking experience to a whole new level with 10+ Free Mobile Tracking features

Mobile Tracker Free Features

A tracking feature is specially designed to spy on a specific phone activity. Different activities are going on in an Android & iPhone. You can use different tracking features to spy on each activity.

For example, to spy on the phone’s location activity, you can use the Free GPS Location Tracking feature of a tracking app.

Mobile tracker features are free to use. You don’t have to purchase these features. There are very few apps that provide free tracking features.

You can use these features on Android & iPhone.

Free Mobile Tracker Features = Android + iPhone

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Here, we will show you the 10+ features of a mobile tracking app which you can use for free. We will show you the specifications of each feature and the benefits of each feature.

Mobile Tracker Free Features
Mobile Tracker Free Features

Spy Call

As we know, a cell phone is mostly used for calling purposes. Because of this, Spy Call becomes one of the core features of a tracking app.

By using this feature, you can spy on the call logs on the phone. We all know how vital call logs can be while tracking.

You will know who your kids, spouse, or employees talk to most of the time. You will be able to check the call duration as well.

With this feature, you can check the daily call logs and contact details of the other people. You will get details like a contact name, number, and contact picture.

Spy Call feature helps you check the type of the call; you will get details like call type, caller details, call duration, call date and time, etc.

Text Message Spy

After calling function comes messages. The significant part about calls is that you can hide and listen to at least one-sided conversation, but it is not the case with messages.

A text message is like a gold-mine of tracking. People mostly use text messages to discuss their things.

So when you spy on text messages, you will get complete details. You can open all the messages and read them like a chat.

Text Message Spy feature helps you to check all the incoming and outgoing messages. You will see even the messages which are saved as a draft.

If the message gets deleted from the phone, you will still have a backup of it.

This feature provides you information like sent messages, received messages, message content, draft messages, deleted messages, message media, contact details, date and time of the message, etc.

Free GPS Tracker

It is one of the best features of a tracking app. After using this feature, you will undoubtedly feel like a professional spy.

These features help you to track the location of the phone. You will get location updates every 15 minutes.

You can track the live location of the phone. As the phone moves, you can follow the location moving on Google Maps.

You can also check the past location of the phone. However, you will be able to see all the locations the phone has been to throughout the day.

You will get all the details like the location of the phone, address of each location, longitude, latitude, landmark, nearby places, location in Google maps, date and time of each location, etc.

Hidden Call Recorder

As the name goes, this feature helps you to record calls. This call recorder is hidden. You can use it to record phone calls secretly.

When you use this feature, it records all types of calls on the phone. It will record all the incoming and outgoing calls.

All these recordings will be sent to you on the tracking account. It records every call irrespective of call duration.

The recorder records ambient sound in good quality. You can easily make out all the words and sentences used in phone conversations.


This feature is similar to the multimedia tracking feature. As we know, a Phone Gallery can open many secrets. Notably, parents are very keen on knowing what’s inside their kid’s phone gallery.

This feature helps you to vide all the photos and videos inside the phone. All the captures, as well as downloaded media, will be available.

You can use this feature to save the photos and videos in your device to create a backup.

Internet Browsing History

Nowadays, kids are searching for all kinds of wrong things on the internet. This feature helps to track phone browsing history.

This feature provides information like the name of the website, time spent on the website, date and time of visit, apps downloaded on the phone, uninstalled apps, etc.

Hidden KeyLogger

This feature is the king of all tracking features. With the help of a hidden Keylogger, you can track and track all the keystrokes.

Anything word that is typed on the phone keyboard will be visible to you. This feature is very useful in tracking passwords.

If you want to know the phone password or social media passwords, you can use this feature.

Address Book

A phone address book is where we save all the contact details. This feature helps you to track the address book.

Using this feature, you will be able to secretly open the address book and check all the contact details. You will get details like the name of the contact, number, contact picture, email id, and other details.

You can even use the search bar to search for a specific contact name. By using other tracking feature, you can block specific numbers or contacts on the phone as well.

Ambient Listening

This feature helps you to record conversations. With a spy call recorder, you can record phone conversations, but with this feature, you can record all the non-phone or offline conversations.

It remotely switches on the mic of the phone to record the voices and sounds. You can then listen to all the sounds with clear voice quality.

WhatsApp Spy

This feature helps you to spy on the WhatsApp messenger app on the phone.

You will be able to view all the activities of WhatsApp on your tracking account. You will get details about all the personal chats, group chats, WhatsApp media, contact details, profile details, time and date of chat, WhatsApp call logs, etc.

Social Media Spy

With this feature, you can spy on different types of social media platforms. You can spy on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

You will get all the details about chats, messages, media along with date and time.


These are the 10+ free phone tracker features. You can use all these features to get complete information about a person.