Viber Tracker

Are you looking for an easy way to track on Viber? If yes, we can help you. Tracking on Viber can be really difficult as it is not popular like other messenger apps. Many people don’t even think about tracking on Viber because they are mostly concerned with WhatsApp and Facebook tracking. But you should never underestimate Viber. It is like an underdog.

If you someone you know, uses Viber, you need to track it. There are many ways to track on Viber, but most of them are technical and difficult. If you want to track on Viber using an easy method, we can help you. In this post, we will show you some of the easiest ways to track the Viber app.

Tracking on Viber

Tracking on Viber
Tracking on Viber

When you want to know what someone is doing on their Viber messenger app, you can track it. Instead of hacking the entire phone, you can simply track the Viber app. By tracking on it, you can check all the messages and chats. You can check all the contact details along will profile information.

Moreover, you can check the call logs as well as the personal chats. You can track group chats, and the media exchanged. In short, you can track all the activities that are happening on the Viber app.


Importance of Tracking on Viber

If you think people track on Viber to waste their time, you are absolutely wrong. Tracking on Viber has its own advantages. Even though people rarely use this messenger app, it can be very useful for tracking. If someone you know is using Viber, they are probably hiding something. They use Viber to avoid suspicion. But can stay one step ahead of them by tracking on their Viber app. Here are the advantages of tracking on Viber.

  • To monitor and control kids

You can track your kid’s Viber app to track their Viber activities. You can check all their chats, messages, and media. This way, you can easily monitor, control, and protect them.

  • To track your partner

If your spouse is using the Viber app and spending too much time on it, you can track on their Viber to know what they are doing. You can easily track all their activities without hacking the entire phone.

  • Monitoring employees

You can also monitor your employees. If your employees use the Viber app for communication, you can track it. You can monitor their chats to check if they are sharing any secret information about the company with others. You can protect your company by doing this.

Easy Ways to Track on The Viber App

Now that we are aware of Viber tracking and its importance, it’s time to learn about the tracking ways. Here we will show you two easy ways to track someone’s Viber app.

Track Viber by Scanning QR Code

Track Viber by Scanning QR Code
Track Viber by Scanning QR Code

You might be aware of the WhatsApp web. To use it you need to scan the QR code. The same method applies to Viber too. You can easily access Viber on your PC, Laptop, Tab, or iPad. This method is the same as the WhatsApp QR method. It is also one of the simplest and easiest method. Follow these steps to use this method for Viber tracking.

Step 1: Go to Viber App

The first step is to open your device and go to the Viber app page. There you will find the download option.

Step 2: Choose a platform

In the second, you need to choose the platform as per your device. You can choose the Windows platform if you want to download it on your laptop or PC.

Step 3: Click on download

Now, click on the download button and wait for the download to be completed.

Step 4: Open the app

Once it is downloaded, open the app and enter your contact number.

Step 5: Access the Target

After entering the phone number, a QR code will be displayed on the screen. Now, you need to access the target phone for this.

Step 6: Open the Viber app and select the QR code option

Now, open the Viber app on the target phone and select the QR code option. You will find this option in settings.

Step 7: Scan the code

Now, scan the code using the phone. After the scan is completed, you can access the target’s Viber on the device.

Step 8: Track

Now, you can easily track the target’s Viber messenger.

Track Viber by Spying Application

Track Viber by Spying Application
Track Viber by Spying Application

You can also track on Viber using a spying application such as TheTruthSpy. This application is specially developed for tracking. You will find the tracking application online. Choose a good spying app. Make sure it is genuine and compatible with the target’s phone. After you have selected a spying app, follow these steps.

Step 1: Sign up

After choosing a good spying app, you need to visit the official website of the spying app. There you will find sign up option on the top right or left corner. Click on it to create a spying account at Enter your email id and other details.

Step 2: Details and Plan selection

In this step, you have entered some details about the device you want to track on. Choose the type of device and device model. After it is done, you have to choose a plan for using the app. You can even go for a free trial.

Step 3: Set up

If the target device is Android, you have to access the target phone to set up the app. First, you have to allow downloads from unknown sources. After that, go to the app’s website and download the app. Click on the file to install it. Now enter your tracking account details and sign up. Hide all the evidence and keep the phone away.


Step 4: Login and select Viber Spy

Once it is done, open your device and log in to your spying account from the website at Now select the Viber Spy option from the spying option and enjoy tracking on the Viber app.


These are some easy ways to track on Viber. If you want to enjoy multiple tracking options and features, choose the tracking app method.